Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frustrations abound.

So, since before CoC, I've been focusing very hard on 40k. I've done everything I can to learn every aspect of the game, from winning a game before I even deploy on the table, to winning a game that I had no chance of winning.

I've still lost my last 13 or 14 games in a row.

I find myself very frustrated lately. I just became employed and work a schedule that now cuts down on my games, so I felt very much inclined to just give up on the game and try to just have fun instead of diving into tournaments like I have been.

But I'm not. Instead, every game is now a more important chance to practice and do better than I have.

My advice to you, the new and experienced players of 40k, is don't ever give up on this game or the aspect of it you enjoy most, whether it be playing for fun, painting, or competitive tournament play(this obviously being the best aspect of the three. >:P)

Despite all the irritating shit I've been through with the game for the last two weeks, I'm not quitting. I'm just gonna keep working at it. The Deathwolf Company is gonna be up and running soon, and I just might kick it all off with a set of tattoos to show my induction into his company.

Keep at it, guys. If I have to deal with irritating loss after infuriating loss, so do you. Keep playing, have fun, and kick ass.