Monday, May 9, 2011

Ahriman's Journey(part 2)

So, now to continue to where I currently stand. I played my heart out trying to get a good chaos list for the Wolfbrothers 1750 CoC primer, but unfortunately I went 0-3 and scored 0 on personal objectives. The Chaos marine blood that was shed(or spirits that escaped armour) was overwhelming and I was totally done with Chaos... for about a week.

Anyways, since then, ShotDownMind has loaned me his space wolves and wants me to take them to CoC in sacramento. In a way, this has become a playtest for me, and I've definitely been enjoying the wolves quite a bit(especially since I'm reading through Prospero Burns), but I still have deep desire to help Ahriman get to the Black Library.

So as it stands, space wolf lists that I want to try(specifically Ragnar's spearhead company) run through my head constantly, as do pure Tzeentch lists. And in the last couple days, Grey Knights have become the only other army that passively interests me.

So all that said, prepare for Battle Reports to be coming out! ... as soon as I get a decent camera and learn how to edit them. Till then... well, Oadius has a cool line that he cuts his posts with, and that's a work in progress for me, so... you know... roll better and all that.


  1. I have ragnar and njal and logan. I have an entirely seperate logan list on foot I dont think you have seen. they are all comp hits at coc however.

    for your current list you should consider moving the saga or dropping it entirely. get a 2+ for one of your heroes or even upgrade the wgbl to a wolf lord. all minor changes that might help... focus your game play. Also, besides the Rune Priest vs Wolf Priest (which is a major game play/style differance) Kevin's Wolfbrother list had one less razorback and one more thunderwolf.

    drop pods are a consideration for coc missions but make the wolf lists much more fragile. arjac is not a comp hit but limits your available wolf guard points.

    thunderwolves are not needed to do well in sacramento. its just crazy, mad crazy to not run them.

  2. Gimme your dropbox info and I'll give you the list. It's a little unfocused but I would really like to run a drop pod list while retaining Thunderwolves. The one I wrote includes Ragnar AND 5 thunderwolves counting the battle guard leader.