Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lord Deathwolf stared across the battlefield at the gathered Blood Legion. Loki, his thunderwolf, growled deeply, and Deathwolf grinned. He would savor the bloodshed to come as much, if not more than, Loki. He looked to the east of the battlefield. Amlodhi Frostmoon, his personal Rune Priest, had already begun to charge towards the small force assembled. The east would be a bloody skirmish, though inconsequential compared to the battle to be held in the west, where Deathwolf currently was. He glanced one last time at the forces on his side of the battlefield, then roared orders to charge.

The wolves were a beautiful symphony of destruction in motion. No pack needed direction. That's what Harald's wolf guard were for. Harald roared once more as Loki began to charge headlong into the enemy, and his thunderwolf cavalry retinue followed and roared with him eagerly. Two heavy weapons teams hid behind the platform, with two rhinos between them. The murder-make in the twilight would be most satisfying.

Harald's guard surged forward with the Blood Claws. He was eager to see what his fresh pack would do against the supposedly ferocious sons of Sanguinius. He inwardly scoffed at the thought of the enemy marines actually matching his company's ferocity.

He cared not for what happened in the east, though he could see lightning flashing from the clouds that had gathered there, and he knew that Frostmoon was doing his job exceptionally well.

Bellowing one last great roar, Harald anticipated what his long fangs would do next and barreled towards the slowly-approaching rhino before him. Loki galloped past a suddenly-empty rhino that had once carried his Blood Claws. They had disembarked and were charging towards the rhino like he was.

Harald knew that the pups themselves had no clue why they were charging other than to stick grenades to the rhino, but his wolf guard knew the same thing Harald did.

Sure enough, five rockets streamed towards it, and the great metal beast exploded. Some of the blood claws were caught unaware and burned badly, and Deathwolf was actually forced to raise his stormshield against the fire. Despite it all, him, his thunderwolf pack, and the pups charged the forcibly-disembarked blood marines.

Harald watched admirably as the first of the glory-hungry Blood Claws slammed into them, tearing them apart. His wolf guard, Godsmote, brought a thunder hammer down upon the fool who actually held a chalice in one hand. With his death, it seemed the entire pack of blood marines faltered, and Harald siezed this advantage.

Loki and Harald were in perfect harmony as they slashed their way through the marines, both of them dismembering at least 4 marines before they could even strike back. Then the rest of his thunderwolf pack slammed in, and the battle was over. Harald saw their chaplain fleeing with the rest of them, and he held back, allowing the blood claws to savor the pursuit. This battle was won in a quick melee against the chaplain, and Harald bellowed a roar to make that known to the rest of his company. The Blood Legion was in full retreat, and wouldn't be picking a fight with him for a long time.

Frostmoon walked towards him, and Loki turned to face him with a sort of reverence. Harald grinned at Frostmoon, and Frostmoon returned it.

TL;DR: That's right. I got my first win against General Oadius. Sacramento... beware.

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  1. Man o man is General Oadius going to be bashing heads and curbing fools at 2k. Tell u what. Yep.