Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, I'm back.

And it sure has been awhile, hasn't it?

I've been through a pretty roller coaster-y year, and now lots of things are happening. Moving, turning 21, voting for the first time, work, college, and of course, getting ahriman to the black library.

The new chaos book has dropped, and I've been pretty ecstatic about it.

That's me on release day.

I wanted to go over the codex and what I've learned from it so far.

Thousand Sons:

Wow. What a buff. Not many changes really, but the psychic powers, gift of mutation, and hatred: space marines was a big deal. Not to mention how awesome sorcerers with chaos artefacts can become, and ahriman becoming the single most powerful psyker in the game. I was very happy with the rules, points changes, and overall feel of the army.

Death Guard:

My second favorite legion. Typhus is a boss, plague marines aren't SnP anymore, plague knives for poisoned 4+, all around they are better than before. The zombie units look fun. In the future i will be collecting this army, perhaps as a horus heresy army.

World Eaters:

Let me just say, I wasn't a big khorne fan before this book dropped. Now Kharne is an unstoppable monster of destruction, khorne bezerkers can eat 4+ armour necrons, and I love the fact that i can build a true early world eaters army.

Emperor's Children:

Not much to say, as I don't have much experience with Slaanesh armies. However, that icon of excess? Forget about it. I5 marines with hatred: space marines and feel no pain. Scary, but I'll leave it to an associate of mine to handle that.

Overall, the codex is not point and click, it's very strategic. Let's take a look at the big winners for me thus far:



I played a tournament a week after release with a unit of nurgle mutilators combined with a level 2 nurgle sorcerer in terminator armour. My God. They rocked face. The combination of the sorcerer's gift of contagion bring down strength and toughness and the mutilator's ability to morph the appropriate weapon at all times was incredible. They cut down a unit of chosen running with huron blackheart AFTER getting charged by said chosen and chaos lord. Extremely versatile, extremely tough, extremely killy, but potentially fragile and easily tarpitted.



I was extremely not interested in them at first. Havocs with flakk missiles? Of course those are superior. NOT.

With the ability to take marks and a 5 point cost decrease, obliterators are better than ever, along with assault cannons in their arsenal. A unit of tzeentch obliterators or nurgle obliterators can march across the table and take all those gnarly shots and still wipe out enemy after enemy. Very tactical, very awesome.



I was in love with these from the first leaked photos. I love them. Period. Ectoplasma cannon forgefiend, I will admit, are not so wonderful in my experience. Those shots miss and swing wide much more than I would like to admit. At a time when I theoretically should've watched a forgefiend eliminate an entire marine squad, I instead killed two.

However, the autocannons seem to do much better work than the plasma. Combined with daemonforge against AV13+, you really get the best out of your hits. Predators, vindicators, and necrons beware of the 8 shots this bad mother fucker puts out with re-rollable armour pens.


The Warpsmith.

I watched this asshole right here turn a castling army into a dying army, make exorcists glance themselves, and slaughter enemies in combat like nothing I've seen before, all while looking damn good. It took one game with this character for it to be a staple in all my chaos lists, regardless of opponent. Aura, mark of tzeentch, and a gift of mutation serves this character well as he deals out death to enemies and keeps your rhinos trucking.




It's got AV 12/12/10. Not impressed yet? How about a 5+ invulnerable that makes evasion unnecessary? No? How about a torrent flamestorm cannon? No? HOW ABOUT A FUCKING VECTOR STRIKE AT STR 7? NO?!!!!

Then consider hover mode for after you've eliminated all the threats to them.

These have won me games already. I love heldrakes, and they are the necessary piece to my army. Nothing, nobody, no unit will ever top them in the book for me. It's a beautiful model, with great rules, a reasonable points cost, and a tough-ass daemon engine. Oh, it also has daemon forge, which means those crucial moments where you need a reroll? You got it.

That's all for now.



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