Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally Moved

Well, I've finally finished moving. Sorry about the absence, or I would've been posting more. The schedule has been hectic and I haven't found time to go play games to make batreps.

Practicing some painting and list building have been all that I've done in the meantime. I've got some pretty gnarly lists that I'm eager to show off as soon as I can, so worry not, my cultists, for I shall soon deliver.

I work swing shift, which will be changing in about two weeks, so look forward to triple tournament batreps once a month after that. And many more, as the shift change frees up sundays, which are 40k days at my FLGS.

Chaos is on the mind, and I wanna know what you guys think are the best competitive components of the chaos book, be they single units or devastating combos. And, what do you fear the most when playing your chaos on the table? Leave your comments below.

And never forget... the galaxy shall soon burn as it once did ten thousand years ago.

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